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Rental Asset Management and Profit Maximization

iStock 000019551430SmallDo you own a flat or an apartment building for rent but feel that managing it is giving you a headache? Do you own an office building, an office floor or several office spaces? Are you the owner of multiple commercial assets?

Do you find yourself wasting countless hours chasing after your tenants to get your rightful rent? Are you interested in having someone reliable and professional take responsibility for your assets while maximizing your investment profits?

The way your asset is managed often decides whether or not your investment will pay off. This is even more important when considering apartment buildings or a commercial center and industrial complex. Ownership of large and complex assets requires extensive knowledge and professional experience in finding comprehensive solutions for asset management and maintenance.

A property owner's goal is to maximize his asset's revenues, renting his asset to a reliable tenant who pays on time and who does not cause damage to the property. Also, owners seek to minimize maintenance costs without sacrificing the quality of maintenance professionals.

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Our office specializes in providing consultations for asset owners, suggesting ways to maximize real estate profits. We analyze asset revenues compared to the overall investment, check for ways to improve the property compared to the rest of the market and raise your revenue percentage. This is our specialty.

Our office enjoys top of the line professional knowledge and years of experience in profit and revenue maximization. We seek to free owners from the daily management of their asset so they don't even need to think about it. We put in the time and resources needed to maintain your assets and rent them out while working towards increasing their revenue.

Additionally we provide consultation concerning asset preservation, renovation or sale.

Our services include:

• Rental consultation
• Advertising rental properties
• Finding potential tenants and verifying their reliability.
• Negotiating contract fees.
• Setting up rental contracts with according guarantees.
• Management and supervision of the changes tenants make to the property.
• Payment collection.
• Continuous work with cleaning and maintenance firms, servicing any issue with the asset.
• Dealing with requirements by local authorities, water and electricity associations, etc.
• Constant legal consultation regarding a wide range of asset management issues.
• Legal consultation regarding changes in property purposes and maximizing profits.

Call us now to set up a free consultation meeting by calling us at 03-6444500 or fill out the contact form on the left side of the screen.

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