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Investor Asset Management

iStock 000010289328SmallHave you recently purchased an apartment for investment but realized your aren't ready for the headaches of managing it?

Have you inherited a number of assets which you are considering to leave in the care of a professional? Are you an Israeli working abroad with properties in the country?

Our office specializes in asset management for its clients.

Usually the asset manager's responsibilities can be divided into three separate categories: negotiations and maintenance, accounting and legal arrangements (including managing relations with local authorities). Our responsibility regarding your assets begins with identifying assets worthy of investment, asset acquisition, negotiations on behalf of the owner, finding suitable tenants, writing rental contracts, sale of property, tenant turnover, maximization of assets including consulting regarding its sale, renovation, rental, construction etc. Additionally we manage all communication with local authorities and make certain that you receive your monthly payments from tenants.

Managing real estate assets requires extensive legal knowledge and experience in various fields including: land legislation, land taxation, contract law, local authority regulations, construction and planning rights and more. Furthermore, fund management demands a special relationship of trust between the trustee and the investor which is regulated by various laws held up by the attorney.

Our office enjoys many years of experience managing assets for citizens living abroad, Israeli entrepreneurs who are rarely at home, foreigners who own assets in Israel and investors which own large commercial properties (including multiple assets, apartment buildings with high tenant turnover.

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Which services do we offer?

Our office provides clients with the all of the following services included the entire package:

• Quick and efficient identification of tenants without further commission or taxes.
• Thorough tenant evaluation as well as providing the required guarantees.
• Rental contract editing.
• Consistent care and maintenance, providing solutions to any complaints made by the tenants.
• Significantly lower the cost of professionals and maintenance staff.
• In case of apartment buildings – our office also deals with public space, stairway, elevators and lobby management and supervision.
• Consistent and continuous rent collections.
• Complete account management including yearly financial reports for your accountant.
• Income tax payment, and in case of a business rental VAT calculations.
• Reports for local authorities – municipality, water association, electric company, etc.
• Field supervision and special attention to damages or changes of the property.
• If the tenants are protected by law, we provide even more supervision to detect any serious break of the contract.
• Permanent contract renewals – there will be no situation where a tenant lives in the asset without a valid contract.
• Legal consultations regarding the asset.
• Tax consultation – choosing the right taxation course.

Any land or real estate owner wishes to see his asset rented, maintained properly and at a high level of quality. He wants to see monthly payments go into his bank account, without worrying or chasing after his tenants. He wants someone reliable to manage his asset in a professional, trustworthy and uncompromising fashion.

To save yourself future headaches it is best to transfer the asset (or assets) management to experts with proven, rich experience in the field.

Our office's services promise owners that tenants will not refuse to be evicted at the end of a rental period, the property will always be returned to the owner in a condition fit for the next tenant. Tenants won't bother the owner during their rental period with small fixes and local water and electricity bills will be paid on time, thus saving the owner precious time (rather than spending it on finding various repair and maintenance experts).

Our office also provides legal services to help you deal with returned checks, rent collection, delivery protocols, water, electricity and gas counter readings (for leaving or entering tenants). Thus we promise property owners that at the end of a rental period they will get back a clean, debt-free asset.

Types Of Assets Our Office Manages

Our offices provide management and maintenance services for property owners starting with apartments for unprotected rental, protected rental, commercial assets such as stores, showrooms, offices, factories, apartment buildings, etc. Amongst our clients are business men, private individuals, foreigners and Israeli's living abroad.

Call us now to set up a free consultation meeting by calling us at 03-6444500 or fill out the fcontact form on the left side of the screen.

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