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Management and Supervision of Real Estate Property

iStock 000011589479SmallDo you own an apartment building? Do you feel tired of having to deal with its management and maintenance?

Have you and a number of your family members inherited a number of assets which require continuous management?

Do you own a number of commercial properties but lack the time to manage all of them? Are you a property owner in Israel who lives abroad?

If you are an apartment, building or commercial property owner, interested in personal and professional management of real estate assets in your ownership then look no further. If you want consistent management, including continuous legal guidance, dealing with different professionals required by your assets as well as managing communication with the local municipality and service providers – for these and more we are your resource. Our office will save you the headache of asset management, rental and periodical maintenance, while caring to maximize your real estate asset investment.

If you are an Israeli citizen temporarily living abroad and require care and constant management of your property for the period, or if you are citizens owning real estate and simply wish to save the time and effort in managing your properties and need professional management solution, then our office is your go-to address.

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Every property owner wishes his property to be rented out and maintained properly at a high standard. They want to see their rent transferred to their bank accounts every month, without hassle or having to chase after tenants. They want someone to manage their asset reliably, fairly and professionally without compromise.

We work on a constant basis with a variety of known professionals required for the periodical maintenance of apartments, apartment buildings and commercial properties, providing our clients with a cheap, fast and reliable service.

Our offices provide advanced and comprehensive services to maintain apartment buildings and commercial properties. We provide rent collection services, account management, legal consulting, rental contract editing, contact tenants and connect you to different professionals providing repair and maintenance services for all of your building's technical systems. Additionally, we provide care and supervision for different and special projects, cleaning and gardening, while offering consultation and solutions for property problems and rent. We do all of this and more for the sake of maximizing your profits.

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