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The Viability of Investing In Israeli Real Estate

iStock 000017517841SmallFor a long time Israel has been a rising star in the real estate market and one of the most promising targets for future investment. Among the chief reasons for Israel's secure investment status: a strong economy, lack of housing, little available land compared to the demand for housing, long bureaucratic processes for construction approval, an innovative and culturally thriving society – a technological capital (second after Silicon Valley) and a successful western cultural center.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Real Estate Investing

iStock 000022136105SmallDo you happen to have a sum of money you aren't exactly sure how to invest? Are you just about to retire, freeing up a large amount of cash, but feel clueless as to how you should go about keeping its value and even increasing profits? Are you trying to figure out how to help your children buy their own apartment in the future?

Why invest in real estate?

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Rental Asset Management and Profit Maximization

iStock 000019551430SmallDo you own a flat or an apartment building for rent but feel that managing it is giving you a headache? Do you own an office building, an office floor or several office spaces? Are you the owner of multiple commercial assets?

Do you find yourself wasting countless hours chasing after your tenants to get your rightful rent? Are you interested in having someone reliable and professional take responsibility for your assets while maximizing your investment profits?

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Investor Asset Management

iStock 000010289328SmallHave you recently purchased an apartment for investment but realized your aren't ready for the headaches of managing it?

Have you inherited a number of assets which you are considering to leave in the care of a professional? Are you an Israeli working abroad with properties in the country?

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Office Services For Real Estate Investment Assistance

DSC 3366Our offices provide consultation services and assistance for anything related to the purchase or funding of real estate deals. The office specializes in real-estate investments in Israel, identifying profitable assets at costs lower than the market average while generating high revenues from the investment.

We work with full disclosure with our clients, providing these services for the entirety of the investment's duration.

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Management and Supervision of Real Estate Property

iStock 000011589479SmallDo you own an apartment building? Do you feel tired of having to deal with its management and maintenance?

Have you and a number of your family members inherited a number of assets which require continuous management?

Do you own a number of commercial properties but lack the time to manage all of them? Are you a property owner in Israel who lives abroad?

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